Let MightySignal’s mobile app software intelligence help you cut through the noise and develop high-level sales and marketing strategies that work.  

Drive Your Sales & Marketing with Dependable Data  

Identify The Right High-Value Accounts 
Pin-point the perfect choice with ad intelligence 
and deep data 

Qualify & Organize Customers
Expert SDK analysis targets your ideal customers, quicker 

Track the Mobile Market
Mobile budgets. The hottest apps. 
Future Market Trends. Know More.

MightySignal is trusted by the best

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"We use MightySignal to assess new leads. We input the SDKs we're interested in and pull all the apps that are using those SDKs and merge it with other sources for our sales team."

Ruby Feinstein 
Director of Engineering     At Singular

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Why MightySignal? 

The world's leading mobile app, ad attribution, and marketing analytics companies rely on MightySignal. 
Our combination of advanced data science and industry insights helps to turn vetted prospects into lifelong customers. Accessible UI, comprehensive data integration, and trustworthy SDK data points work in harmony for you to offer essential trends that let you move first.  

Make your moves with intel, not guesswork. Trust MightySignal to be your guide through complex mobile SDK intelligence for iOS, Android, and more. Schedule your FREE demo of our platform

See Sales & Marketing in a New Light 
MightySignal's business intelligence touches every aspect of your success. From creating more succinct lead generation, dynamic customer conversations, and marketing campaigns to tracking important SDK intel across the broad mobile app landscape, you can use our proprietary data integration technology to form high-level strategies that give you the edge.  

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App Metadata
Our mobile app SDK insights let you filter the app software market in powerful, unique ways. Choose from thousands of unique filter combinations to help your sales and marketing teams prioritize and score leads. Ensure you're engaging with customers who are ready and qualified to buy your product. For example, you can filter by:

• Version Release Frequency
• Size Of Userbase
• Price And In-App Purchases
• App Store Countries
• Countries Headquartered
• Ratings And Number Of Ratings
• Release Date
• And more…

App Ads
Our advanced ad intelligence shows you who is actively acquiring new users through mobile advertising, using accurate, real-time ad scanning technology. 

With our ad intelligence, you can monitor and analyze the tech stack of millions of apps and companies who are actively acquiring new users on Facebook, MoPub, Chartboost, Applovin, or Unity.

App Store Optimization (ASO)
When you combine our SDK intel with more complete ASO rankings, you create more powerful search combinations for optimized results. MightySignal gives you that information with more than 3 YEARS of SDK install/uninstall data for the hottest mobile apps. We provide an essential “big picture” view of the entire mobile app eco-system, which allows you to track what competitors (and potential customers) are doing, and plan data-driven, custom content and campaigns.  

Our ASO data includes:

• The Highest Ranked Apps 
• Apps That Jumped In Last Week's Rankings 
• Apps That First Entered Charts A Month Ago 

Powerful Query Builder and Intuitive UI
MightySignal offers the most powerful SDK query interface on the market today. Accurate and easy-to-use, you can quickly customize, categorize, and prioritize leads with just a few clicks. As a leading scoring and prospecting tool, our interface gathers intel, including ranking information, directly from app stores, and makes it easier to see who is spending, and who may be willing to partner based on trends.   

Software Development Kit (SDK) Intel
MightySignal tells you what trending apps are spending, moving, advertising, and integrating SDKs now. With clear, concise SDK install and ad attribution information - straight from sources like Apple and Google - you’ll have the software dependency data you need to create enhanced custom campaigns and sales pitches for your mobile app clients.     

Brooke Lengsfelder
Director of Sales Development

"We use MightySignal to assess new leads. We input the SDKs we're interested in and pull all the apps that are using those SDKs and merge it with other sources for our sales team."

“With MightySignal, we can see not only which ad attribution SDKs are installed, if any, but also which ad networks they’re running on. This allows us to make a very specific pitch.” 

Mitchell Gray
First Sales Executive at AppsFlyer

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